Poker Software that can save you tons of money!
Poker Software to analyze your Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager database.
Analyze your stats by position.  Get detailed information on your leaks by position, along with advice on how to correct your leaks.
With our poker software, find you leaks within minutes.
An average of 6-20 significant leaks found.
Your leaks are presented by importants based on a complex scoring algorithm.
Videos and written modules provide advice for plugging your poker leaks. 
Our poker software will present your leaks at every table position.
Includes customized filters and filter instructional videos (50+).
Custom Fullring and 6max HUD setup.
For use in conjunction with your Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager poker software database.   CLICK HERE for more information
Pro Edition
Isn't it about time to plug those leaks that are draining your bankroll?

The Leak Buster poker training software is guaranteed to find poker leaks that you were unaware of.  The pro edition contains all of the features of the standard version, and will adjust according to your stake level.

This verson works for all stake levels of No Limit, Limit, Pot Limit Omaha, 6-max and Full ring cash games. 

Standard Edition
Are you ready to save coaching time and discover your poker leaks in minutes?

Leak Buster works in conjunction with your database to identify and list our your leaks, and prioritize them based on importance. It then gives you a detailed repair guide on what leaks to focus on, and how to go about fixing them.  It provides a ton of training content in the form of video, modular and written advice.

The Limit edition works for $0.5/$1 and below.  The PLO and No Limit editions work for 50NL and below.
Leak Buster is now available with Poker Tracker poker software.

The Leak Buster poker software is designed by longterm winning players and poker coaches.  It is a tool that will analyze your database in minutes, highlight your poker leaks, and provide you with an arsenal of poker training content to help you correct your leaks.  There is no other poker  training software like it currently in existence.  Leak Buster will pay for itself many times over in the time and money you will save.
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